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Calendar of Events - 2011

Normal Sessions will resume on Monday 15th August 2011 at their normal time.

Course Fees are £56 for an 8 weeks course - £70 for 10 weeks and £84 for 12 weeks. If your child's course includes a Bank Holiday - please deduct £7 from the due amount for each Bank Holiday.

 Please Note: All dates (except Club Course Dates) and any Fees/Payments listed on this  page may be subject to change without prior notice.

Club Course  Dates  For  September 2010 - August 2011
Bank Holidays & Club Closures
8 Weeks
12 Weeks
10 Weeks
10 Weeks
8 Weeks
30th Aug
25th Oct
31st Jan
11th Apr
20th June
06th Sep
01st Nov
07th Feb
18th Apr
27th June
03rd Jan '11
13th Sep
08th Nov
14th Feb
25th April
04th July
22nd April '11
20th Sep
15th Nov
21st Feb
02nd May
11th Jul
23rd April '11
27th Sep
22nd Nov
28th Feb
09th May
18th Jul
24th April '11
04th Oct
29th Nov
07th Mar
16th May
25th Jul
25th April '11
11th Oct
06th Dec
14th Mar
23rd May
29th April '11
18th Oct
13th Dec
21st Mar
30th May
02nd May '11
03rd Jan '11
28th Mar
06th June
15th Aug
30th May '11
10th Jan '11
04th Apr
13th June
22nd Aug
1st to 14 August '11 inc
17th Jan '11
24th Jan '11


  • All the dates above represent a week which commences on a MONDAY. 

  • The First Day of Rebooking Week (MONDAY) is highlighted in RED to assist you. Please note - you have ALL of this week until Saturday at 1pm to pay your Fees.

  • You must have paid your Fees by Club Office closing on the Saturday of Rebooking Week to secure your child's place on the next scheduled course.


 The Club Office will be open for all Recreational Sessions during Rebooking Week to  facilitate payments. Alternatively, you can post your child's Club Membership Card and  Fees through the Office letterbox, or via Royal Mail post. Cheque's need full Cheque  Card Number and Expiry Date written on the back. Make cheque's payable to Ladywell  Gymnastics Club. NO GYMNAST WILL BE  PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEW  TERM WITHOUT THIS PAYMENT BEING MADE.

 Courses cost:

 £56 for 8 weeks course

 £70 for 10 weeks course

 £84 for 12 weeks course

 If your child's course includes a Bank Holiday - please deduct the  appropriate amount from the cost - currently £7 per Bank Holiday.

 The Club Annual Joining Fee, BGA and LG Membership Fees' are payable for all members by  Saturday 10th September 2011 for the period October 2011 to August 2012. NO GYMNAST  WILL BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY NEW COURSE WITHOUT THIS PAYMENT  BEING MADE.

 The Club will be closed for all Bank Holidays and associated dates as listed in the yellow  column on the right side of the table above. The Club will also be closed for the first TWO  WEEKS in August 2011 ( Monday 01 August to Sunday 14th August inclusive).


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