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If you want to buy your Club Uniform or other Ladywell Merchandise, contact the Club Office.

Some of these items of uniformand merch might be superceded, out of stock, or obsolete - check with the Club office for availability of any item before purchase.

You must purchase your child's Club Uniform before they commence their Second Course.

Club Uniform and Miscellaneous Items

Boy's Shorts
Boy's T Shirt
Both Together

Club Uniform

Girl's Leotard  22"- 28"
Girl's Leotard  30"+
Boy's Shorts & Leotard


Intermediate Comp Leotard
£40 - £45


Advanced Competition Leotard

Advanced Comp Leotard
£45 - £54

Intermediate Competition Leotard


Advanced Section Tracksuit


Club T Shirt

Advanced Section Tracksuit

Club Tracksuit

Club Navy Tracksuit
£35 - Child
Club Navy Tracksuit
£40 - Adult


Club Uniform

Winter Hat & Coat


Club Pennant


Regional Leotard

Drawstring Bags
£5 - £9





Club Sports Holdall

Sports Holdall


Ring & Hand Guards
£ Various



Club Uniform

Protective Tape


Bar Finger Wedges


Club Uniform

'Monkey Spit'+ Refill


Towel Wrist Bands


Club Uniform

Foam Wrist Bands


Club Luggage Tag


Club Uniform

Hand Chalk


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