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How to purchase DE Photo's of the Club Championship 2011

If your child competed in the Club Annual Championships over the weekend of 02 & 03 July 2011 and for whatever reason you were unable to purchase any of the excellent photos' of your child taken at the event by the professional photographers' of DE Photos - don't worry - because below is a comprehensive set of instructions to enable you to do so today.

The instructions may seem long winded but they include all the detail and steps required to navigate the DE Photos web site from the Home Page to the successful final purchase of your photos.

  1. Click on the DE Photos Image here DE Photos Web Site  or use the same box on the Club Home Page (near the bottom on the right)
  2. Enter Ladywell Gymnastics (case sensitive) in the Search box at the top left of the DE Photos Home Page.
  3. A box will appear below the Search box which says, 'Search results...' and the words, Gymnastics\Ladywell Gymnastics (underlined in blue) will appear beneath this box.
  4. Move your mouse pointer over these words (Gymnastics\Ladywell Gymnastics) and the pointer will turn into a small hand with a pointing finger. Select/click.
  5. Another small box will appear with a capital letter P and the words Password Required in blue inside a box just below the P.
  6. Place your pointer over the Password Required box and select/click.
  7. In the Username box enter ladywell and in the Password box enter shirley - both are lower case and case sensitive.
  8. A list of year dates will appear in blue 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011. Place your mouse pointer over the required year and select/click.
  9. A list of sessions will appear in blue. Place your mouse pointer over the required session and select/click to view the images.
  10. Find the photo/s of your child, place your mouse pointer over the image and select/click.
  11. An enlarged copy of the photo you selected will appear with some instructions on the right hand side of the image.
  12. Click on the Add box in the instructions to add the photo to a PhotoBox which will hold all the image/s you select.
  13. Another new box will appear asking you to either register (if you are a first time user) or to Log in if you have already registered previously with DE Photos. Follow the appropriate instructions if you are registering by providing your Email address and a password (entered twice)
  14. A new window/box will appear confirming that, The selected photo has been added to your PhotoBox.
  15. Highlight and select/click where is tells you to continue.
  16. Once PhotoBox is loaded with the image/s you want to purchase - select/click on the box near the bottom right side of the page that says, Choose Products.
  17. The photo/s you added will appear in a box/window above three separate panels stating, Photos and Gifts. Once you have selected from this panel - another panel for Product Details which lets you select Size, Colour, Quantity etc. will appear and a final column for viewing your final selection.
  18. Select an appropriate item from the Photos or Gifts column.
  19. Move onto the Product Details column and enter the appropriate details. NB - depending on which item you select in the Photos and Gifts column, you may have to drag and drop the imageyou require into the final column on the right (preview) before being able to enter details of Size, Colour and Quantity.
  20. Once you have entered all the appropriate details for your final image click on the Add to Order box at the bottom of the Product Details panel. This is very important before you proceed.
  21. At the bottom of the right hand panel, below the final image preview you will see an orange coloured box which will show Go to checkout with the number of items you have ordered in brackets alongside. Select/click this orange box.
  22. Another box may now appear - depending on your previous selections - giving you the option to Retouch your photo/s should you desire it. Once completed - select/click the continue button to progress ahead with your purchase.
  23. The Billing Details - Delivery Details and Order Confirmation page will now appear. Enter all the relevant details and remember to click in the, I confirm that I have read and understood the DE Photo Terms and Conditions of business box before selecting/clicking the orange box near the bottom of the page that states Pay using debit or credit card. There is also and option available to pay via PayPal below this box.
  24. Once you have completed all the information required on this page and confirmed it - your transaction to purchase the photo/s of your child will be complete.


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