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Fundraising Balloon Release 2009.

On Saturday 02 May 2009 - the Club held one of its favourite fundraising events - a Balloon Release.  People buy balloons and after attaching their contact details - they release the balloon into the ether!  Whoever finds the balloon returns the contact label to the originator and both are liable to a cash prize if they are the furthest from the Club's premises in London.

This year the prize winner's were the Hart family and a family from Ommel in Holland; who live a stunning 317 miles away from the Club!

The event raised a fantastic £345 in support of the Club Fundraising Effort. Thank you so much to everyone who supported it.

Below are some thumbnail photos' taken on the day. Click on the image to view the photo full size.

Julie is ready to go
Blowing them up - one at a time Blowing them all up is a big Team effort!
What a lot I've got!
Not many left to blow up now A group of gymnasts' with their balloons Another group of children ready to release their balloons'
The excitement is mounting The first few balloons take to the air!
Up, up and away
A big bunch is released at once Away they float! Balloons fighting for space as they float away! All blown up - just before the big release

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