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2008 - 'The Big Wheel'

On Saturday 05 July 2008, gymnasts' coaches' and parents' from the Club were able to participate in a truly unique event in London. At 7.00 pm, a long line of gymnasts, cheerleaders, acrobats, dancers and school children made their way from the Tate Modern onto the Millennium Bridge, stretched right across the Thames to the Saint Paul's Cathedral end and performed a series of eight cartwheels in succession, in relay back and forth across the bridge.

The organiser of this special event was artist and sculptor Charlie Murphy.  She came up with the idea to mark the start of London's Big Dance Festival and she had little difficulty in persuading more than 150 people to perform cartwheel's on the night.

Below is a selection of photographs taken of the Ladywell Gym Club participants in the event and they really capture the fun that was enjoyed by all participants and spectators, young and old.

The Party departs from Bellingham Station I wonder what it will be like? Are we there yet? So well bahaved Parents joined in Are we still not there yet? Don't be shy!
Getting more excited! Enjoying the journey Some brilliant cartwheels The wave continues Spectators watch the venture unfold St Paul's provides a perfect backdrop The movement continues
That looks like a good one!
The Ultimate Mexican Wave!
She's Behind You!
Fantastic London skyline backdrop
Waiting for the wave!
Reach for the sky!
Friends for Life!

You can view a short video of the action on the bridge HERE  (.avi file - 17.2mb). This file may take a considerable time to load - depending on your computer's performance specification.

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