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2009 - Fun Day

Saturday 26th September was the date set this year for the Club Annual Fund Raising Fun Day, which is traditionally held alongside the gym at Bellingham Leisure & Lifestyle Centre.

As always, the weather was very kind to us, despite this years event being held much later in the year. A large selection of stalls were displayed, including 'Soak the Coach', Cakes & Sweets and Bric-a-brac - and of course the ever popular Bouncy Castle.

As a Fund Raising venture, the day proved singularly successful - £565 was raised towards the Club Fundraising effort.

The Club Management Team would like to thank all those staff and member volunteers' who put so much effort into organising, building and staffing the event. Your hard work and dedication on behalf of the Club is always appreciated and never taken for granted. Also, a huge thank you to all our gymnast members, their parents and families for supporting the event.

Below are some thumbnail photos' taken on the day for your perusal and amusement.  Click on the image to view the photo full size.

Meaowwww! A study in concentration - or out for a duck! Gymnasts' sure know how to use a bouncy castle!

Boys' putting on a brave face Can I have that one please mummy? Shirley suffers for the cause! You need a lot of bottle to work on this stall! Lorraine sings, 'Wakey wakey - tea and cakey'! Parents rummage for the money to have a go on the bouncy castle!

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