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"To Enrich Lives Through Gymnastics"

Our Aim -

To provide a gymnastics Centre of Excellence - in which members and staff can participate in a safe, fun and professionally run environment.

Our Objectives -

  • To promote healthy physical, mental and social development.
  • To work with Lewisham Council in the promotion of the sport.
  • To work with local schools to promote gymnastics as a healthy and fun activity.
  • To work with Special Needs Schools and other similar community based projects.
  • To endeavor to provide a safe location and fun programmes to enable local and other children to participate in healthy and fun activities during the school holidays.
  • To further all aspects of Coach education.
  • To make provision for people to gain work experience and participate in training schemes as advocated by local and national government.
  • To provide the entire community with facilities at affordable rates.
  • To encourage and enhance lifelong learning.
  • To secure the long term future of Ladywell Gymnastics Club.

The benefits of the early introduction to self-discipline through physical exercise cannot be overestimated, as this introduces more emotionally balanced and responsible young adults into the community at large; in fact, young people who are less likely to be involved in crime

N.B. It should be noted that Ladywell Gymnastics Club and its Management Committee operate a zero tolerance policy towards members who are consistently or excessively rude or abusive towards any member of Staff at the Club. Membership will be terminated without hesitation for such behaviour. This also applies to members who by their actions or behaviour bring the good name of the Club into disrepute - even whilst outside the Club premises.We are here to provide the best possible coaching to your child in a professionally run, friendly, fair and respectful environment. All we ask is that our members treat us and the good name of the Club in the same way.



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