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2013 Annual Awards Disco - for Achievements in 2012

Maisie Ross-Jessop - Gymnast of the Year

Gymnast of the Year - Maisie Ross-Jessop

Group of Senior Award Winners

A Group of Senior Award Winners

A Group of Younger Award Winners

A Group of our younger Award Winners

On Friday 22nd February 2013 - at Goals Centre in Eltham, the Club held our Annual Awards Night for achievements recorded during 2012.

A great turnout of coaches, parents, families and gymnasts on the night ensured that all the award winning children who attended were warmly applauded as they went forward to collect their awards from Head Coach Shirley.
Several long serving staff were rewarded for their many years of loyal service and continued support of the Club with memento trophies and bouquets of flowers.

As the Disco pounded and lights pulsed - all the old favourite tunes were aired to keep the children and families entertained throughout the course of the evening. Here are a few images from the night, to give you a feel for the fun that was enjoyed by everyone present.

Amy and Shirley prepare for the festivities - with Amy already smiling! Anna leads the dancing!
Louise shows off her Award
Dancing Queens !
Friends Shirley and Ella exchange a Maori Greeting Sisters Friends
Dancng Group Gangnam Style
If your name isn't down !!!
A happy group
Sisters Group
Friends Ivy & Ruby
We start them young at Ladywell! A group of happy friends Shirley with a large group of her girlies Coach Sinaid with Maddie
marilyn, Shirley and Frank in a huddle
Grace with her Award
A happy group Shirley hugs Nic after presenting her with her Loyal Service Award
A very happy group of children Another group of smiling children Marilyn with her Loyal Service Award Maddie with her Award
 Proud Award Winner A very proud child Anna and Shirley cosy up!
Baby Lola slept through the entire proceedings. her day will come!

* Apologies for the inferior quality of some of the images - the lighting at the venue wasn't great for photography!

Below is a table listing all those who were given Awards on the night.

Table of Categories - Select to View

1. Commitment - Recreational
2. Good Conduct - Recreational
3. Progression
4. Progression - Women's Artistic
5. Attendance
6. Most Improved
7. Physical Preparation
8. Perseverance
9. Volunteer of the Year
10. Outstanding Work Ethic
11. Gymnast of the Year
12. Thank You's

1. Commitment (Recreational)
Peace Benson-Sue
Aasia Broomfield
Benjamin Radji
Endy Wilson
James Beardow
Raphael Bosticco
Shannon Goode
Bonnie McWilliams
Lily Nkansah
Archilles De-Ben Rockson
Hana Plant
Lois Cox
Caitlin Spicer
Benjamin Platt
Sophia George-Pendleton
2. Good Conduct - Recreational
Phaedra Haas
3. Progression
Jehona Tersenta
Gabriella King
Rosie Palmer Barnes
Maizie Clemens
Megan Stone
Victoria Graham
Megan Robinson
Frankie Gray
Sienna Anderson
Maddie Ware
Willow McKenzie
4. Progression - Women's Artistic
Jodi Grace
5. Attendance
Louisa Job
Sophie Power
Alexandra King
Eve Davidson
6. Most Improved
Ella Ross-Jessop
Isabel Benham
Georgia Benham
Carianne Kohler
Maisie Callaghan
Callie Eaglestone
7. Physical Preparation
Ella Smith
Ruby O'Brien
8. Perseverance
Nicole Vieira
9. Volunteer of the Year
Rebekah Kohler
10. Outstanding Work Ethic
Ella Ross-Jessop
Maisie Ross-Jessop
11. Gymnast of the Year
Maisie Ross-Jessop
12. Thank You's - Long Service
Marilyn Joseph
Karen McCann
Sinaid Callaghan
Nicole Callaghan

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