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Two amazing fundraising efforts by Club gymnasts'

 Earlier this year, some of our gymnasts' raised a considerable amount by packing  bags at a supermarket. Despite the obvious physical hardship such an exercise entails  - our girl's were far from put off by the effort - in fact, they recently went back for more of  the same!

 Over two days of a recent cold, winter weekend, they packed bags in M&S Bromley  and they had the most fantastic response to their efforts. People were mighty glad of  the help as Christmas Shopping was packed away by the ton!

 The final figure raised came to an amazing £1065 - which will greatly assist these  gymnasts' and their families with the considerable costs involved in traveling abroad to  gymnastics competitions'; where they represent themselves and their families, the  Club, the London Region and England with distinction.



Fundraising Sleepover - Part II

 It isn't every day that you can raise money for charity whist sleeping - but four of our  more entrepreneurial gymnasts' decided that a 'Themed Sleepover' might just be a  great fundraiser. They decided on the 'Gladiators' theme and started putting together a  Project which would not only potentially raise money - but would assist them towards  their first Coaching and Judging Awards from British Gymnastics. Their efforts were  suitably rewarded as the event was fully subscribed and the final amount raised  was £555.61p. The money will go to the Jimmy Mizzen Foundation, and will be  presented to them in the Foundation's 'Cafe of Good Hope' in Hither Green Lane, Lee,  London. The Club Fundraising Team would like to express sincere thanks to Anna,  Sophie, Sydeny and  Charlotte for the amazing job they did of publicising, organising  and hosting the event -  brilliant work girls.


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