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Fundraising 'Eco-Friendly' Balloon Race - June 2010.

Saturday 19 June witnessed frenetic and very colourful activity in the back area of the gymnasium as preparations were made for the 2010 Fundraising Balloon Race.

This was without question our most environmentally friendly event to date as we specifically purchased biodegradable balloons and paper and used Helium to inflate the balloons.

By the end of the 'inflation' phase we had in excess of 600 balloons netted and ready to fly. A stiff South Westerly wind promised not only to make the launch interesting, but to carry the balloons a very long distance. We are indeed hopeful that the winning balloon returned from Northern Belgium last year will be eclipsed by a return from either Spain, Portugal or indeed North Africa this year!

Below are a selection of thumbnail photos' taken before and during the event. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.

A huge Thank You goes out to everyone from Sinaid and Karen on behalf of the Club, all those who supported the event by purchasing a balloon and to the Fundraising Team, Volunteers and helpers for selling the balloons.

The winning balloon belonged to Niah Prudent. It traveled an amazing 709.3 km's to Bourg D'Ire in South East France. Twenty balloons were returned.


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