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Safety Flooring Replaced in the gymnasium hall.

 For some time now the Club has been seeking to replace areas of the gymnastics hall  floor that have become damaged and worn. Our primary consideration in undertaking  this work is to maintain the safety of the children and staff who have to train and work  in these areas.

 In November of last year, we successfully bid for funds to finance the essential work  from the Up 2 U Scheme, part of the Bellingham Local Assemblies Mayor's Fund.  Since then, we have been liasing with Gymnova, the specialist gymnastics equipment  company - who fitted out our gymnasium when it was built, on the sizeable project of  replacing these damaged areas of floor.

 During the second week of April, the new flooring, and all the paraphernalia required to  fit it, was delivered to the Club premises; then work began in earnest to complete the  task. Working around our hectic schedule of classes, the Gymnova team of Charlotte  and Graham worked like Trojan's to complete the work in as short a time as possible -  thus minimising disruption. A huge Thank You to them for their efforts.

 The Club would like to thank the Mayor's Fund, Bellingham Local Assembly for helping  to fund this project.

 Displayed below are a series of photos' taken before, during and after the work.    These photos' capture in detail just exactly why we had to undertake this replacement  project and how the end result has once again made sure the children who attend  Ladywell Gymnastics Club do so in the safest environment possible.

A huge roll of flooring carpet is delivered

A huge roll of flooring awaits preparation and fitting.

two smaller rolls complete the set

Two smaller rolls complete the set!

Tape covers and indicates the holes

No prizes for guessing where the various holes were!

A huge roll of flooring carpet is delivered

More tape = more holes in another area of the floor.

A section of old flooring is removed

A section of the damaged flooring removed.

Gymnova staff Charlotte and Graham roll their sleeves up

Gymnova staff members Charlotte and Graham set to work!

The beautiful new tumble track flooring

The shiny new Tumble Track is laid.

The pristine new Vault run up laid out.

The pristine new Vault run up area.


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