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"To Enrich Lives Through Gymnastics"

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Club supports worthy charitable causes.

 The Club has decided that in spite of the constraints being placed on everyone by the current financial  downturn - we will be offering some financial support to two very worthy causes:

 1.  The Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust - which supports children with bone diseases such as  Scoliosos, Brittle Bone Disease and Arthritis. Recent Late Fees were donated to support an eight year  old child named Jessica, who has a rare form of childhood cancer.

 2.   Royal British Legion - Remembrance Expedition 2010. Former Olympian, Club member and TV  Presenter Suzanne Dando has undertaken a grueling fund raising walk - which involved traversing the  Pyrenees from France to Spain, retracing the footsteps of escaping prisoners during WW2. A donation  has been made towards this venture.


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