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Amy Ennis and Ladywell Bear World Tour - 2011

This Bear feels no cold - he's tough...Amy tries to stop him going for a swim!

Nice scenery

Chillin' - literally !!!

 Intrepid Ladywell Coach Amy Ennis has decided to dedicate this current year to traveling as much of  the world as she can and being the people we are here at the Club, we couldn't let her head off into the  wilderness alone - so we sent 'Ladywell Bear' to look after her and ensure she returns home safely to  us. Their first trip together was to Antarctica (easy ones first then Amy!!) Above are a selection of  photos' taken during their trip to the frozen wastelands.


Part 2 - New Zealand

Ladywell Bear searching for Kiwi

Ladywell Bear getting into the photo frame more effectively!

Ladywell Bear enjoying some clean mountain air - great for her fur!!

 We recently had another communique from intrepid Amy and Ladywell Bear. They are back in the  Southern Hemisphere - only this time - the climes are a tad warmer as they are firmly entrenched in  New Zealand! It may only be slightly warmer though, as this part of the world is experiencing winter.  Above are some photos' of Ladywell Bear as she explores different aspects of the Kiwi countryside.  Don't worry about the photo of her sitting on the car wing mirror...she was just getting into a better  position to have her photo taken. As a former elite bear gymnast - she walks, cycles, runs or swims  everywhere. We excused her using the ship in Antarctica as the cold water would have surely damaged  the ' Ladywell Turquoise' nail polish on her paws! You may have noticed Amy isn't in any of the New  Zealand photos' - we suspect she had been sent off on an errand and Ladywell Bear was hogging all  the limelight for herself - as usual!

Part 3 - Australia and Singapore

Ladywell Bear eclipses the outstanding beauty of Sydney Opera House

Girlies enjoying the sun against an amazing backdrop

Amy and Ladywell Bear sit down to a well earned bowl of Singapore Fish Soup

 Following the latest communique from Amy and Ladywell Bear, who are still enjoying life in the  Southern Hemisphere, we have a few more excellent photos' to share with you. They have recently  been touring up the east coast of Australia and at one point Amy went diving on the Great Barrier  Reef!....Ladywell Bear wasn't too keen on this as someone told her that the staple diet of great white  sharks is teddy bears!

 During a trip to Singapore, after a lot of sightseeing, Amy and her ladyship stopped off to enjoy a  nourishing bowl of Singapore Fish Soup...possibly with a side order of berry salad and honey!

 We have been advised that the girls are in the process of making their way to Nepal for two weeks of  trekking. As it is monsoon season - the girls have been advised to keep everything covered up to avoid  being latched-onto by the dreaded leeches. The air is wonderfully clear at this time of year - so the next  set of photos' could be amazing. So cover up and keep safe girls till next time.

Part 4 - Nepal

Amy and Ladywell Bear take a well earned drink

Ladywell bear enjoying a moment of solitude

The party prepares to venture forth with their guide

Preparing to get spiritual.

Ladywell Bear visits Buddha Shrine.

 What a few months it has been for Ladywell Bear and her devoted traveling companion Amy. From  dodging icebergs they moved on to the rugged beauty of autumn in New Zealand- before heading to  warmer climes in Australia (where Ladywell bear is reputed to have challenged a kangaroo to a race -  and won....isn't she wonderful!) and savoring the oriental wonders of Singapore. The next challenge as  captured so well in the images above - was to tackle the highest mountain range in the world in Nepal.  The photos' clearly show what a wonderful (and spiritual) time they both had. Normally during this early  part of the rainy season leeches can be a problem - but not for our intrepid pair - not a single leech  came anywhere near them. With the help of a local guide ( I suspect he was mainly used to carry the  pack - as Ladywell bear always knows where she is!) they trekked through the Himalayan splendor and  captured these dazzling images.

Part 5 - India

Amy really looking the part!

Her Ladyship enjoys a well earned drink break and some shade

Amy and Ladywell Bear prepare for a bumpy dusty ride through the desert

 I opened my email box recently and was delighted to get a mail from Amy and Ladywell Bear telling me  they had recently visited the exotic location of India.

 Unfortunately, due to a family bereavement, Amy had to curtail her visit and return to the UK.

 Amy has very kindly provided us with a few great photos' to commemorate hers and Ladywell Bear's  brief but exciting visit to the desert area of Rajasthan. Both plan to return to India in the not too distant  future to complete their travels.

Part 6 - Indonesia

Ladywell Bear in front of Mount Bromo - an active volcano in Java.

Her Ladyship near Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Java.

Friends together share a beautiful Indonesian sunset.

A beautiful Indonesian sunset scene.

Look out Ladywell Bear - a hungry Orangutan is creeping up behind you

Look out Your Ladyship - a strange creature is behind you !!

Amy rescues Ladywell Bear from the clutches of a jealous orangutan

Amy to the rescue - all girls' together!!

 I always get excited when I open my email to find a mail and possibly some photos' from Amy Ennis  and her intrepid companion - Ladywell Bear. This is exactly what happened this week - and I was both  jealous and delighted to read that they were in the beautiful part of the world that is Indonesia.

 With such a huge variation in vegetation and scenery within the various islands that make up  Indonesia, I think Amy has done a great job of capturing this in the photos' she has sent us. Apparently  the photo with the Orangutan creeping up on Ladywell Bear required Amy to swiftly come to the  rescue, possibly to prevent Her Ladyship becoming Orangutan lunch! But I think we all know that with  all her years of gymnastics conditioning behind her - it would take much more than a big old hungry  Orangutan mum with baby in tow to fluster Her Ladyship's feathers (or fur in her case!)

 Thanks again Amy for some amazing images and we are glad to hear that as of 01 November, you have  returned home safely to the UK for an extended break with your family. We look forward to  documenting your future travels with Ladywell Bear - surely the Queen of Bears.


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