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It is with considerable regret that we have to advise members that with immediate effect Late Collection of Children and Late Payment of Course Fees will now be raised from their current level to £8.

This is the first rise in these fees for many years, and we do so in a bid to reduce and deter the number of people abusing both these situations.

Remember, you can completely avoid ever having to pay either of these late fees by meeting the stipulated time for collecting your child from us - or paying Fees by the stated deadline.

If you are in difficulty making either deadline - LET US KNOW.  This must be prior to any collection time or deadline dates!  Call or talk to the Office Administration Team. Always leave a message. The Office can get extremely busy - but your call will be returned as soon as is humanly possible.

People paying fees after the deadline causes us a huge amount of extra administration. It impacts on our small number of Administration Staff and hence the efficient daily running of the Club.

We do not want these late fees; most of which are donated to charity.   What we want is for you to work with us by meeting stipulated times and deadlines.

The above said; we would like to thank those members who never have to pay any late fees.

As a Club we endeavour to keep Session Fees low by maintaining a small but efficient roster of staff and doing the best job we can. People who are never late for child collection or payment deadlines make this a lot easier.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Mrs Shirley Callaghan.
Manager & Head Coach.            


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