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Thank You Drawings From School Children

Early in February 2009, Class 3M from John Ball School, Blackheath, London, attended a two hour session at the Club and had a fantastic time. Shortly afterwards we received a marvelous 'Thank You' letter from the school and a collection of wonderfully graphic drawings from the children; expressing their thoughts and gratitude.

The children's behaviour throughout the session was exemplary and their enthusiasm was very rewarding for Frank and Jenny, the Coaches' who took the session.

To enjoy a display of the drawings, select a thumbnail from the panel below to open a larger sized image.


Drawings by Ally and Rhianna
An unnamed drawing and one from Regis
Drawings by Charlotte and Seal
Drawings by Alessandra and Kate
Drawings by Luks and Dejah
Drawings by Teddy and Helena
Drawings by Joshyn and an unnamed drawing
Drawings from Bella and Jack
Drawings by John and Hassan
A drawing by Layla and an unnamed drawing
Drawings by Nina and Joel Drawings by Francesca and Oliver Drawings by Sam and Martha A really nice unnamed Thank You on behalf of the whole class and school


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