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Fundraising Sleepover - May 2010.

On the evening of Saturday 01 May, a 'motley crew' of gymnasts' and Coaches' gathered at the Club premises for what has become one of the most anticipated events of the Club Fundraising calendar - the Annual Sleepover.

You might feel that for children who spend such a huge amount of their time at the Club for training, there would be little support for an event which involved spending an entire night here - not a bit of it! Tickets fly off the shelf like a bargain holiday.

Children are dropped off by their parents in the early evening and Club staff undertake several hours of entertainment and fun filled games before everyone beds down for the night. I have it on very good authority that a very senior member of staff accompanied by a mum of one of the children, provided an impromptu snippet of 'Britain's Got Talent' by performing an improvised version of Swan Lake, resplendent in tutus'. Surprisingly I have been unsuccessful in tracking down any photographic evidence of this!

In the morning breakfast is provided for the children before they are collected by their parents, many of whom are grateful for the opportunity to have an evening to themselves; fortified by the knowledge that their children are having a fantastic time, in a safe, controlled environment.

Below are a selection of photos' taken on the night which convey the fun had by everyone.

Preparing a nightcap
Not even slightly tired yet
Gemma's Nest
Ivy's eyelids are getting heavy
Alexandra snuggles down Bryony and Anna as members of the 'Wide Awake Club! Practicing some new beam moves A very relaxed group
Charlene and Rhyanna almost gone! Smile girls! When do we do the sleep bit?! A scene from Sleeping Beauty - or an ad for Slumberland Beds??
All friends together Beck's finally gets some shut eye A sea of pink Bry and Evie discover Ivy's secret food stash!....


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